2.-           Members

2.1.-        Introduction

There are four grades of Members:

Full Members

International Members

Associated Members

Candidate Members

When mentioned ‘Applications’ is an application for Voting and Non-Voting Membership.

The membership grades are defined in the Articles of Association[1].

In addition Full members must be companies or individuals, involved in the buying and selling of used machine tools from their own stock and capable of offering after sales services; being persons or companies who are resident or established in Europe.

Should a Full member no longer comply with these criteria it automatically relinquishes its voting rights and become an associated member.

Should a Full member change its company name or ownership it must reapply for membership.

2.2.-        Membership applications [2]

Applications for Membership of the Association shall be in such form as the Council shall in its absolute discretion from time to time prescribe.

Applications, received by Branches, must be sponsored by two Full or International Members, but at least one Full member of the respective Branch.

Applications must first be considered by the Board of the respective Branch.

Upon approval by the respective Board, the Application shall be submitted to the Council for final approval.

Upon approval, the Applicant will be advised and notified of the decision of the Council.

In the event of disapproval, the Applicant will be similarly notified.

The respective Board may not so approve any Applicant where a formal objection to Membership has been received, but must refer the case to Council for consideration at its next meeting.

Any applications received less than thirty-five days prior to a scheduled meeting of Council must likewise be submitted to Council directly.

Where no Branch exists, the Council shall consider Applications submitted.

Any Application must first be published and sent to all members at least twenty-eight days prior to consideration by Council.

An Application may be approved or rejected by the Council.

The approval of an Application must be passed by a majority of three-fourths of the Council Members present and voting.

Applications shall normally be considered only with regards to persons or companies or other associations who have been in the Trade for a period of at least three years.

However, the Council may, in its absolute discretion and in exceptional circumstances accept Applications for such persons, companies or associations which have been in the Trade for a shorter period and under approved circumstances.

The Council shall, in its absolute discretion, approve an Application and admit any Applicant to the grade of Membership, which it considers appropriate to the Applicant.

The Council may, in its absolute discretion, reject any such Application or Applicant without any obligation to assign a reason.

2.3-         Membership fees

The Membership Fee shall be fixed annually by the Council.

The Annual Membership Fee shall be payable by Voting and Non-voting Members.

The Annual Membership Fee shall be set by the Annual General Meeting.

The Annual Membership Fee shall become due on 1st January of the Membership Year.

The first payment of the Membership Fee by any new Member,  based on a proportional amount plus a fix amount, shall be made to the Association within 30 days after the date of admission to Membership.

2.4-         Resignations

A Member wishing to resign from membership of the Association shall give notice of his intention as soon as possible, in any case before 1st January in any year on which the Annual Membership Fee for the following Membership Year falls due.

Any Member wishing to resign after 31st January shall be required to pay the full Annual Membership Fee due at that time.

2.5-         Failure to pay Membership Fee

After 31st March of the Membership year a member failing to pay the Annual Subscription is considered to have resigned.

As a consequence the services to the member will be suspended and the member will lose his voting rights.

Services will be reactivated and voting rights will be restored after the payment of the membership fee and a decision by the Council.

2.6.-        Expulsions

The procedure for expulsions is fully described by the Articles of Association. [3]

2.7.-        Services

Depending on the membership grade members are entitled to the following services from the Association:

All membership grades:

EAMTM Logo:                      all members are entitled to use the EAMTM logo.

EAMTM Directory:              all members will be mentioned in the EAMTM Directory.

EAMTM Code of Ethics:      all members have to abide by the Code of Ethics.

EAMTM Conference:          all members can attend the EAMTM Conference at the regular rates.

EAMTM Internet site:         all members can advertise their machines on the EAMTM site.

EAMTM Internet site:         all members can place a banner on-line on the EAMTM site.