Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics
Members of the EAMTM agree as follows:
1. To honour completely and sincerely all Contracts and Agreements in which they engage both in buying and selling, particularly where terms of payment have been mutually agreed.
2. To describe and represent the machines they offer to the best of their ability as to: Serial and Model Numbers, Condition and Specification and accessories.
3. When offering machinery to which they do not have clear title, they will endeavour to establish and advise the prospective buyer of any relevant circumstances which could affect the sale.
4. When machines are sold with a Guarantee and are proved to be defective (other than through the buyer’s own action) they will use their utmost endeavours to rectify the complaint.
5. To honour every option and/or first refusal both as to price and date.
6. To accept that in the event of a Member knowingly and deliberately violating or committing a breach of the Code (of which the Association’s Council shall be sole judge) then, should Council so resolve, he will be suspended as a Member. The General Meeting can declare the expulsion of a member.
7. Members accept that there may be instances not covered by the above code, where the Association must consider whether a Member has brought its good name into disrepute by failure to honour the precept of mutual trust implied by Membership; and that the Association’s Council must then determine appropriate remedies, including specific warning or, ultimately, expulsion from Membership, in order both to correct the instance and to prevent its recurrence.