5.-        Committees

5.1.-     Executive Committee

The principal Committee of the Council shall be named the Executive Committee.

It will be responsible for the supervision of Branches and Groups and other Committees, scrutiny of applications for membership, matters concerning members not part of a Branch or Group, staffing and administration, the organization of Annual Conferences and other major functions and the preparation of business for the Council.

The Executive Committee shall meet immediately prior to each Council meeting, and at such other times as circumstances demand.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, the Vice-President, the Immediate Past-President, the Treasurer and a delegated member of the Advisory Board and any other Council member as the Council might decide. The maximum number of members is however set at 6 (six).

5.2.-     Advisory Board

The Advisory Board shall meet annually to make proposals through the Executive Committee to the Council and, thereby, to the Annual General Meeting for appointments to office in the Association, in particular for the offices of President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Fellows.

The Advisory Board shall also consider, where necessary or desirable, matters of major importance to the Association, making appropriate recommendations to Council.

The Advisory Board shall consist of the Immediate Past-President and a maximum of six additional members, having given distinguished service to the Association.

The Advisory Board shall also, by election among its members at its annual meeting elect a Chairman, who will represent the Advisory Board in the Council and a second representative to the Council.

It will also appoint its representative in the Executive Committee.

5.3.-     Conference Committee

The Conference Committee selects the sites, negotiates contracts with hotels and other vendors in the Conference destination and monitors all plans to ensure a successful Annual Conference.

5.4.-     Arbitration Committee

The Arbitration Committee, composed by at least three members, promotes the established voluntary industry standards (Code of Ethics) and investigates complaints against members allegedly involved in disputes with Non Members or other members.

All members accept that the outcome of a case before the Arbitration Committee is binding and without appeal, and are invited to confirm in writing that they will abide by the outcome of a specific case in which they are involved.

Complaints have to be addressed in writing to the Association’s secretariat.

The member concerned will be invited in writing to present his case.

Both the complaint and the defence will be presented to the Chairman of the Arbitration Committee and at his request to the other members of the Committee.

The recommendation of the Arbitration Committee may in a specific case be presented to the Council, should it prove to be impossible to enforce the solution proposed.

The Council can in such a case determine what sanction it feels appropriate to settle the dispute or complaint.

Expulsion is only possible by a motion at the Annual General Meeting as stated in the Articles of Association.[7]

5.5.-     Internet Committee

The Internet Committee is responsible for the development of the EAMTM Website.

5.6.-        Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for the marketing of the Association, its members and the Internet Site(s).

It also monitors the use of the EAMTM logo and trade name by members and reports acts of misuse to the Council.

5.7.-     Proceedings of Committees

The Committee Chairman chairs Committee Meetings.

In his/her absence or if at any meeting the Committee Chairman is not present within fifteen minutes after the time appointed for holding the same, the Committee Members present may choose among them the Chairman of the meeting.

A Committee may meet and adjourn as it thinks proper.

Questions arising at any meeting may be determined by a majority of votes of the Committee Members present, and in the case of an equality of votes, the motion is not carried.